About us

About us

Thanks for taking the time to visit the new Stellar Professional Microphones website. We want to explain what is new and what is a continuation of the policies established over the last ten years.


First about our new name, later our business and future products.


The reason for the new name is simple. The old name, Stellar Sounds, had a problem. The logotype too closely resembles a terrible organization from 1940's Germany. The logotype for Stellar Professional Microphones is SPM,
so no baggage for these letters.


Our initial product offering is the CM-6, our best selling microphone. The popularity of our CM-6 has grown due to the word of mouth, support, and multiple endorsements from our customers. Looking ahead, the next product will be a custom design that replaces the CM-5, and will be sold as the CM-7. We have already gone through several design iterations and feel we are getting close to the release candidate. We expect to release the CM-7 this summer, 2016. Other exciting products developed by our founder and design engineer, Peter Bloch, will follow during the fall and winter.


So, here is what is the same. SPM will continue to import, custom design, and sell directly to individual customers and studios. Expect the same dedication that established Stellar microphones as the internet provider for high quality affordable microphones for both studio and project recording engineers.