Customers Review the CM-6

This is just a short message to let you know that I'm in love with the new CM-6 studio condenser microphone. The CM-6 is a very good microphone. It features a full-bodied sound that is very musical. I was very happy to see that it is available again from STELLAR PROFESSIONAL MICROPHONES. The CM-6 is my absolute favorite in my microphone collection; it stands out from my NEUMANN, MICROTECH GEFELL, all the other brands. At the present time, I am telling people I know about how great the CM-6 is by showing them the interesting and informative description about it. Thank you for reading my message, and best of luck and success! -Greg K. 

The CM 6, considering its price point is so convincing to any artiste's/producer's ears. I have recorded with almost all the top notch mics in the industry and we must never compare but the CM-6 has its own Character, Charm and Beauty sonically. 

I deal with a lot of Premiere Projects, World Music Productions and sculpt sound mostly on sonically rich acoustic recordings. The mid range is what attracted me the most in this microphone. It's very true to itself. Also the transients seem well contained when I record vocals and its like having a beautiful blanket over the harsh HF we hear through the modern microphones, in the name of clarity !
Most of my Vocals are tracked through a bit of compression in my 1176 because of severe dynamic range and style of Indian Classical Vocalists. CM-6 could handle a wide spectrum without any compression at all. Looks like the tube does a very good job alongside carefully designed circuitry 
Thanks Peter Bloch and I had to write this for my self satisfaction as I'm very convinced with your microphone ! 
Sai Shravanam
Engineer :"Life of Pi", The Man Who Knew Infinity" and many more award winning works.